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Road safety: what is the risk of carrying loose objects in a car

  When driving or getting into a vehicle, people are always exposed to risky situations.   One of them involves the objects that can be loose inside the cabin, since they can become a danger in the face of sudden braking or the always latent traffic accidents. Those people who spend a large part of the day aboard a car, utility vehicle, truck or bus, tend to have tools, but also in many cases clothes, footwear and items of daily use loose in different places of the vehicle, which means a permanent danger to all passengers. Thus, for example, a simple lens case weighs just 150 grams, but in the face of a collision at a speed of 50 km / h it can weigh more than 40 times its weight, being a projectile that can hit the head of the driver or of any other passenger, causing serious damage and injury. One of the most common situations arises when assembling luggage for travel.   The vehicle is usually overloaded and, if the trunk space does not reach, the rear seats are used to place the rema