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Cats: why do they choose to sleep at the foot of the bed?

  Cats don't seem to mind violating your personal space.   This is especially true for owners who cannot stretch their legs at night because their cat occupies what appears to be all the available space at the foot of the bed. Cats are not creatures that tend to show signs of care and respect: they are little considered, but that is not the only reason they do this. According to an article published in Vets Explain Pets, a site that specializes in pet consultation, cats tend to stay in close physical proximity with those who care for them.   If you feed them and attend to their needs, they will want to stay with you. If that's true, and no cat can confirm it, why not choose a closer location?   It may have something to do with a pet's survival instincts.     Getting tangled up in bedding or having to let go of someone's arm is not a good situation for a cat, who wants to be ready to run at all times. Being at the foot of the bed allows them freedom of movement.  Some ca

Tips to wash your clothes without neglecting the environment

  It is very important to take care of all aspects of life, from health, homes, to the environment.   While more and more countries are tackling environmental issues, especially with the rise of single-use products, manufacturers of these also have a responsibility to help address the problem of climate change. This commitment to offering users options that put environmental sustainability at the forefront has led companies to invest in research and development of green products.   However, consumers can also help, from home, with the conservation of the environment by making small changes in their daily routines. Here are some tips to make washing your clothes as ecological as possible. 1. I reduced carbon emissions with saving technologies.   While a staple of daily life, electricity production generates the second highest share of greenhouse gas emissions, so it is important that consumers choose eco-friendly washing machines. Using hot water during a wash cycle consumes a great dea

Sedentary lifestyle is associated with higher risk of dying from Covid-19, study indicates

  Lack of physical exercise is associated with a greater risk of developing more severe forms of Covid-19 and dying from the disease, indicates a study carried out with almost 50 thousand patients, published this Wednesday in the scientific journal "British Journal of Sports Medicine ". People who had been sedentary for at least two years before the pandemic were more likely to be hospitalized, require intensive care and die from the new coronavirus, compared with patients who maintained physical activity, the research found. To analyze the possible impact of the sedentary lifestyle on the severity of the infection, hospitalization, need for resuscitation and death by Covid-19, researchers from North American universities compared the evolution of 48,440 adults with the disease between January and October 2020, in the United States. Among the risk factors for developing a serious version of Covid-19, only advanced age and a history of organ transplantation exceed sedentary li

Johannes Gutenberg: from king of the printing press and "man of the millennium" to losing everything

 He invented the printing press and opened a new era in mass communication, yet he died poor and in ruins "The Millennium Man." That was how Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, known as the man who invented the printing press, was called by the British Library. The same name was used for his own work. Although much of his life is shrouded in mystery, historical records indicate that this   goldsmith was   born around 1400 in the city of Mainz, which today belongs to Germany, but that was part of the Holy Roman Empire at that time . According to historians, at the end of 1430, and in an attempt to pay the debts that he had after a business of small metal mirrors that had failed and that ended with   a complaint against you for theft of metals,   started to   develop a device to print texts in a more efficient way. Eventually, he invented a machine that replaced the hand-carved wooden letter and graphic blocks of   traditional printers   with easily cast metal types,