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According to studies, the size of the penis could be reduced by pollution

  A scientific study claims that pollution causes a reduction in the size of the penis, as just published in a book. In the pages of her book "Count Down", Professor Shanna Swan of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, United States, released several scientific discoveries about the effect of pollution on the human fertility. Precisely, one of the effects of pollution causes a reduction in the size of the penis. In 2017 he had already warned about a drop in the average number of sperm among men in the West, which in the last four decades the amount was reduced exactly by half. His research began in 2000 by experimenting with rats with the consequences of phthalate syndrome. While the reduction in penis size is due to the presence of the chemical phthalate causing babies to be born with malformations in the penis and its shrinkage. Being exposed to this substance can generate hormonal problems that affect the endocrine system and therefore cause malformations in the fetu

Sex: how to stimulate the G-spot and P-spot to increase pleasure

  When we talk about pleasure, it seems that the genders are far from sharing similarities.   Especially if we pay attention to our genitalia and the remarkable differences they present. The similarities between the G-point and P-point provide the same pleasure, which is why it is so important to learn to recognize and stimulate them.   G point   The G-spot for women and the P-spot for men are the erogenous zones that provide the greatest pleasure when stimulated. The G-spot is a rough area that is located in the first third of the vaginal cavity on the anterior wall, that is, the wall closest to the navel.   Just about 3 cm.   of the vaginal opening, so it is not necessary to penetrate very deep.   Furthermore, this point responds positively to manual stimulation.     First the person must be adequately aroused, either with kisses and previous body massages, manual stimulation or oral sex.   The idea is to arrive at vaginal stimulation with high levels of arousal.  The most comfortabl