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Five rules for perfect mashed potatoes

  Potatoes are that magical ingredient that goes perfectly with almost anything.   And we love them: they are cheap, versatile and easy to cook because their flavor is delicious even by itself.   The puree is that type of preparation that at first glance seems very simple -and it is-, but we give you some tricks that will make you go up to the big leagues and look good.   1. The type of potatoes Although there are many varieties of potato, there are some that do not help because of the amount of liquid they have.   We recommend using red potatoes (they have more starch and less water) of a medium size;   Once cooked and crushed, you have to put them in the pan so that it is as less watery as possible (remember that you are going to add more things later that will improve its texture).     2. WITH SKIN, WITHOUT CUT AND ALWAYS WITH COLD WATER To cook the potatoes, starting with cold water will help prevent the starches from breaking down in the heat shock, so your mash will have a more c

Spanish recipe: How to make the traditional potato omelette but fill it up!

  There are many dishes of the gastronomy of Spain that have spread worldwide but, perhaps the most popular of all, is the potato omelette.   We show you the authentic recipe to make it perfect. Also called Spanish omelette, this recipe is currently prepared in many homes around the world.   Therefore, today we present a new version: the stuffed potato omelette. Ingredients: 4 potatoes peeled and divided into very thin slices 6 eggs 1 onion cut into small squares Olive oil Salt For the filling: 50 grams of mixed lettuce 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 5 slices of mozzarella cheese 5 slices of ham 1 finely sliced ​​tomato How to make stuffed potato omelette: