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Lack of nurses continues to play tricks on us: 5 explanations

  The nurse is a regular in the top 10 of most persistent shortage professions.   Partly due to the corona crisis, it has become even more clear how problematic that is.   The latest state of affairs: 1,466 unfilled vacancies at the VDAB, compared to 610 jobseekers (figures for the end of February).    went looking for an explanation.   Soft image Too many people misunderstand a nurse's job.   Ria Vanschoenwinkel, director of Nursing and Midwifery at UZ Brussel, also writes this in a blog post.   One of those wrong ideas is that nurses should be mainly concerned with washing and dressing.   But in practice their job is based on science, with an increasing importance of computer science.   So it is often about more than just providing care. Looking for a job as a nurse?  View the vacancies here   . Underestimation of wages A job in healthcare must be poorly paid.   Not true, says Ria Vanschoenwinkel again.   Nurses' salaries are decent and their overtime is paid.   Specializat