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What is Chia Coin and how does the cryptocurrency causing SSD / HDD shortage?

  If you are minimally interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, you have surely heard in recent weeks about   Chia Coin   and the SSD / HDD shortage problems it is causing, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Chia Coin is another cryptocurrency, although it has an important peculiarity, and that is that   graphics cards   or specialized ASIC units   are not used   to mine   it   , but all the work falls on the storage units. The mining of this cryptocurrency does not occur by solving complex operations, but is completed by storing its blockchain and transactions.   However, it must be clarified that   the most important thing to mine Chia Coin is the capacity and not so much the performance   .   The speed of the SSDs can present a great benefit when creating the partitions on the faster hard disk, but it will be the capacity of the latter that will give us the greatest profit, thanks to the fact that they will allow us to store more information f