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Protein Powders and Biscuits Recall Due to Possible 'Serious or Life-threatening' Problem

  Another food allergy risk created by a packaging error led to the recall of a high protein cookie and 12 flavors of powdered protein supplements. APS Isomorph 28 Cookies & Cream flavor is one of the varieties recalled by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The cookie is iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal Cookie, which has eggs.   Powders are APS Nutrition Isomorph 28 in 2-pound containers, some also in 5-pound and 1-pound containers, all with milk, wheat, and soy.   None of the labels declares the presence of the mentioned allergens. Not a problem for most people, but, as the standard text warning in the recall notice published by the FDA says: “People who have a   severe   allergy or   sensitivity to a specific type of allergen (milk, eggs, white and soy)   run the risk of suffering a serious or life-threatening reaction if they consume these products ”. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a Norcross, Georgia company, noted in the advisory: "... investigation indicates that

The 95% efficacy of COVID vaccines does not mean that there is a 5% risk of infection. The reason

  As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, there is some confusion about the extent to which vaccines protect against the disease. According to clinical tests, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, for example, have efficacy rates of about 95 percent against COVID-19 symptoms in laboratory tests. Does that mean that 5 percent of people who get vaccinated could get sick? No, nor does it mean that vaccinated people have a five percent chance of contracting COVID-19 or that 95 percent of those vaccinated are protected against infection.   What the statistics suggest is that the risk of infection after getting vaccinated is actually much lower. Efficacy speaks to reducing risk, such that those who get immunized with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine are about 95 percent less likely to get COVID-19 compared to those who don't get vaccinated. . Still confused?   Please discuss the following. "If you could clone yourself, and you have one version of you that is vaccinated and anothe

Follow these five rules to choose food and improve your health and that of the planet

    From a nutritional point of view, a balanced diet, such as the Atlantic or Mediterranean, has multiple benefits for our health, as it helps mitigate and reduce the negative impact of various diseases. Personal benefit can also be extended to the collective good and contribute to the care of the planet when we consume products that respect the environment, since it must be taken into account that the production and consumption of food carries a great environmental impact.   To elucidate the quantification of this impact, there are two indicators that we can use: carbon footprint and water footprint. CARBON FOOTPRINT AND WATER FOOTPRINT The carbon footprint is a measure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent that a product generates in a period of time throughout its life cycle (extraction, production , packaging, transport, consumption and waste management). Along with the energy and transport sectors, the food sector is one of th

Is it essential to eat the fruit with the skin in order to ingest enough fiber?

  The answer is no. We should eat more fruit, with or without skin, as we like best, but eat more.   Perhaps the right question should be: should we eat more fruit to get enough fiber?   In this case the answer would be clearly affirmative. SHUTTERSTOCK Let's start by looking at what fiber is.   This is the edible fraction of foods of plant origin that cannot be digested by digestive enzymes and therefore cannot be absorbed in the intestine.   However, some types of fiber can be fermented by the microbiota, resulting in beneficial health compounds such   as short-chain fatty acids   . Although fiber is not absorbed, we must ingest it in sufficient quantity, because it has multiple beneficial effects.   For example, preventing constipation and lowering blood cholesterol levels.   In fact, numerous epidemiological studies have shown that those with a low fiber intake have a greater predisposition to suffer from certain pathologies such   as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases   . Wi

Binge eating is not due to stress-induced impulsivity

  Almost half of waxed paper wrappers and 20% of cardboard wrappers - like potato chip and pizza boxes - contain fluoride. Chicago Tribune CHICAGO TRIBUNE Binge eating is a characteristic symptom of some eating disorders, but stress is not the trigger for such binge eating, according to a study published today in the Journal of Neuroscience. One of the leading theories about binges is that they are the result of stress, which causes individuals to have self-control difficulties. However, research led by experts from the University of Cambridge concludes that, contrary to popular belief, people with eating disorders do not lose self-control - which leads them to binge eat - in response to stress. Research director Margaret Westwater notes that the idea was to find out whether stress affected key brain regions that are important for self-control and, in turn, causes increased food intake. The study suggests, according to Paul Fletcher, another of the authors, that the relationship betwe

A cocktail of antibodies prevents and "quickly" treats COVID, according to study. Here the explanation

  New results from a multi-phase clinical trial show that a cocktail of special antibodies   can reduce the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19   by 81 percent if someone is not already infected with the virus.   And for those who do become infected, the drug can help clear the virus from their body more quickly and shorten the duration of their symptoms. Dr. Anita Kohli, director of research for Arizona Clinical Trials and investigator for the Eli Lilly and Regeneron trials, at a monoclonal antibody clinical trial center in Mesa, Ariz., Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. ADRIANA ZEHBRAUSKAS NYT In another trial it was found that the cocktail, called REGEN-COV, is also capable of reducing by 76 percent the chances that people will   develop coronavirus symptoms   if it is an asymptomatic infection after three days, according to the announcement. Monday the American biotech company Regeneron. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the cocktail's emergency use   in November