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Epic Games: five new FREE games hit the store starting this Thursday

Deponia, The First Tree and The Pillas of the Earth arrive this week for free on the Epic Games Store. Photo: Mediavida   Deponia The Complete Journey, The Pillars of the Earth and The First Tree can be added to the library for free until April 22.  It has already become customary for videogamers to wait for the free offers that arrive periodically through the   Epic Games Store   .   This time, the digital video game store is offering three games, ending like five, completely free for a limited time.   Here we tell you about each of them. Deponia: The Complete Journey The first of the games is the highlight of this week.   Deponia: The Complete Journey   is a collection of three games that compile his complete trilogy and that follow the graphic adventures of Rufus through a garbage planet. .   Photo: Steam The plot has a lighthearted feel and is made up of 2.5D puzzles.   The gamer interacts with objects in various ways and reaches different places while having conversations with oth

Sony plans to adapt PlayStation video games for mobile phones

  In addition, this week the company's new console, the PS5, received a surprise update with several new features. Sony plans to adapt PlayStation video games for cell phones.   -   Photo: SONY Sony plans to make mobile adaptations of the most popular PlayStation video games, as well as develop more titles on this platform and   create a business plan around mobile phones within three to five years. The technology company will begin an expansion from consoles and computers to mobile phones and live services, according to a job offer published by the company itself.   In this offer,   PlayStation is looking for a boss for its mobile section and offers details of what their functions will be within the strategy to be followed. Thus, as detailed by Sony, the boss will focus on "successfully adapting the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile phones."   In addition, the company plans that this person develop a strategy and initiate the first steps toward the expansion

Eight tips to prevent heart disease with a good diet

The important thing is to know which foods you should include in a healthy diet and which you should limit Diet is essential to maintain heart health. (Pixabay)   Although you probably know that eating certain foods can increase your risk of heart disease, it is often difficult to change your eating habits.   Whether you've been eating unhealthy for several years or just want to adjust your diet, here are eight tips for a   heart-   healthy diet   .   1. Control portion sizes How much you eat is just as important as what you eat.   If you overload the plate, you eat very quickly and do not stop until you feel full , you are probably consuming more calories than you should.   Often times, the portions served in restaurants are more than anyone needs. Use a small plate or bowl to help you control your portions.   Eat larger servings of nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and smaller portions of high-calorie, high-sodium foods, such as fast, refined, or p