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How to make a face mask step by step homemade

  Knowing the way to make a homemade mask protection is often very useful for incident like coronavirus present lately. Remember that good hand washing can help reduce coronavirus infections. It may be the case there are supply problems or that we reside during a region where mobility is restricted or just that we don ' t want to spend resources that will be vital for people. For any of those reasons, it is often very useful to understand how it's used, during which cases to use it, and the way we will make a protective mask hastily and with homemade materials. But first, let's mention the WHO recommendations regarding when and the way to use a mask. They recommend us to use a mask: If you're healthy, you simply got to wear a mask if you're caring for somebody suspected of getting a 2019-nCoV infection. Also wear a mask if you've got a cough or sneeze. Masks are only effective when combined with frequent hand washing with a hydroalcoholic solution or soap