Nokia is the most durable and safest Android brand, says study


Nokia is a beloved brand of all those who remember the popular and classic 3310 and 3300 mobile phones . However, with the evolution of technology, other brands have undermined the smartphone market and we currently have many other prominent names, especially from China.

But the truth is that a recent research by Counterpoint Research has come to the conclusion that Nokia is nowadays the most secure and long-lasting Android brand.

Nokia is the most secure and long-lasting Android brand

A new study by Counterpoint Research ascertained the reliability index of smartphone manufacturers. And, surprisingly, the highlight goes to the performance of HMD / Nokia that led the ranking for the second year.

In short, the Finnish brand was the fastest to offer system and security updates. But, in addition, the company also manages to produce smartphones with an above-average degree of durability. And, in this last field, the old Nokia 3310 and 3330 had already won in this factor.

To carry out the study, the research company analyzed four different pillars of reliability: security updates, software updates, build quality and recommendations for business use.

System and security updates

Nokia achieved the impressive result of 100% when updating the system to Android 10 . That is, the Finnish company offers monthly system updates. And that regularity was demonstrated in all 20 models of the brand between the third quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020.

Android version on smartphones from leading manufacturers (Counterpoint Research)

The Chinese OnePlus achieved a similar result of 100%, however it only counted on the analysis of 7 devices, hence it came in second place. Samsung comes in third with 89%, followed by Realme with 73% and Xiaomi with 68%. In turn, Huawei won the sixth place with 66% updated equipment, followed by OPPO (50%), Lenovo (36%), LG (25%) and Vivo (24%).

If the subject is monthly security updates , Nokia again achieved 100%. OnePlus continues to occupy the second place but with 10 percentage points less than the Finnish.

Security updates on smartphones from leading manufacturers (Counterpoint Research)

For its part, Lenovo surprises with 83% of monthly security updates, followed by Realme (70%) and Xiaomi (60%). In sixth place comes Viv0 (32%) and seventh is Huawei (29%). Surprisingly, Samsung occupies the eighth place with only 22% of its equipment updated every month, as most of these updates happen quarterly. At the end of the table are LG (18%) and OPPO (16%).

Overall rating

Taking into account all four pillars, in general Nokia got 85 points and led in all points. OnePlus managed to add 80 points, being the second best in the four categories.

The South Korean Samsung comes in third with 72 points, having stood out in the pillar of the construction quality of the equipment.

Xiaomi got 70 points, followed by Realme (69), Huawei (67), Lenovo (67), OPPO (65) and Vivo (63).

The study report also leaves the notion that there has been a change in consumer behavior in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that, like this:

It highlights our growing confidence in devices and the consequent importance of keeping smartphones safe and up-to-date.

Another interesting conclusion is that the average time each user keeps his phone has also increased, this period being now 30 months, that is, two and a half years.


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